What are the Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioning System?

If you are from a region where temperature mostly remains warm, there must be no lack of  understanding how important air conditioning is. From commercial properties to small shops to cafés to large office buildings and public spaces – you can find them everywhere.

To meet the specifications of these diverse applications, commercial air conditioning systems in Glasgow come with different heating and cooling capacities and are suitable for various setups and layouts.

You might come across infinite AC configurations within each category, but the primary types of air conditioning are:

  • Single Split System
  • Multi-Split System
  • VRF or VRV System

Most use the same technology and identical wall-mounted indoor units. However, the different applications make them unique and separate them from each other. So, find out which suits you the best as per your need.

Split System Air Conditioning

If an affordable option is your priority, then single splits work the best and perfectly fit small commercial buildings. They heat and cool individual rooms as per your requirement. This is an ideal solution for shops, cafés, server rooms and small offices.

You can opt for a combination system if you only want to work with them. They can serve larger spaces and multiple rooms without any hindrance. The only downside you may face is the need for one outdoor unit for every indoor unit.

But this does not minimise the advantages of this system. Firstly, it costs less than installing a central cooling system, and, as each system can work independently if one unit stops working, the others can continue functioning.

Don’t let the price misguide you as single splits are energy-efficient and effective systems. These qualities make them great for a wide range of applications and they go well with small businesses.

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Multi-Split System Air Conditioning

If you are acquainted with single splits then there is nothing much to explore about multi-splits.  Based on the model, you can connect one outdoor unit with up to nine indoor units. Mostly places like restaurants, doctor’s surgeries, shops and offices make use of them.

It’s always better to install fewer outdoor units, particularly when you lack space or do not want to hamper your building’s external appearance. This makes multi-splits more advantageous over several single splits.

Another benefit of this type of cooling system is you have freedom of installing different types of indoor units. As per your choice, you can work with a wide variety of combinations of the wall and ceiling-mounted AC units and air curtains.

However, you may need to invest a bit more in pipework as multi-split systems are slightly more complex than its single counterpart. This can lead to a costly installation process which also takes longer.

You must choose your AC as per your building layout and the heating and cooling capacity you need.

VRF or VRV Air Conditioning

Let’s take a look at the full form of VRF which stands for variable refrigerant flow and VRV stands for variable refrigerant volume. 

Don’t confuse yourself. They are similar.

Daikin was behind the VRV technology but then patented the term to prevent manufacturers from misusing it. So the term VRF came.

VRF/VRV air conditioning works the best for medium to large applications, including retail spaces, larger offices, mixed-use buildings and hotels. This commercial air conditioner price may seem a bit high but its features make up for it.  

Reliable, easy to control and efficient systems are capable of meeting huge buildings’ complete cooling and heating requirements. The installation process also does not take much longer which minimises disruption.

The VRF/VRV system comes with two subcategories – heat pump and heat recovery. Heat pump VRF/VRV systems are ideal for open plan areas by offering heating or cooling to a building at any given time.

Heat recovery VRF/VRV systems are of top-notch quality and are a result of premium engineering. They can simultaneously heat and cool different areas at the same time. Isn’t it unique? This feature makes them ideal for buildings with multiple rooms. This efficient commercial air conditioning system in Glasgow stores waste heat from around the building and uses it to warm other rooms and hot water. This flexible system allows you to heat one room while cooling another

If you’re about to install one of these commercial air conditioning systems, give a call to Phoenix Air Conditioning. If you’re bothered about all these questions such as “Which AC is best for commercial use?” or “How much does a commercial air conditioner price?, just consult our team for further details. You can also contact us for Air Conditioning Repairs Glasgow. Visit our website!